Just Enjoy and Feel the Game

Why I write

Yeah this is the second write \(^,^)/

The second write now is about the reason why i write. Why i choose that topic because i inspirited with my friend who wrote that in his facebook account. In his status he explain about why he wrote,some meaning was realistic and some other was funny *yeah because he like to be crazy* *lol*

First, i will introduce this guy. This university student who want graduate from geology Universitas Padjajaran called him Pandu, his ID is makananenak,CS’ers,POKIJAN lover.To more information about him just check this blog or check this facebook account

And this is it,some resume about

Why do you write Pandu?

  1. Why do i write? Because i cannot express myself well by talking… So i write.
  2. Why do i write? To set many things free from inside… So i write.
  3. Why do i write? To make a bitter story a bit funnier.. So i write
  4. Why do i write? Because my Blogs allow me to increase the font size to 24… so i write
  5. Why do i write? to replace the words ‘Shit’ and’Crap’ in real life with euphemisms to make my story more palatable… so i write.
  6. Why do i write? Because i need to send some job applications that must be written by hand.. So i write
  7. Why do i write? coz there is something unspeakable, that would be more understandable through heart, a pencil and a paper… So i write.
  8. Why do i write? To communicate with mass audience that makananenak is not really a delicious food, it is my ID on the internet and it’s a real person… so i write
  9. Why do i write? Because it is a rehab place for the stressful thoughts… so i write
  10. Why do i write? I write to understand. I write to remember. I write to release. I write to connect. But most of all, I write to stay sane… so i write : )
  11. Why do i write? To keep my eyes on the prize of actually publishing someday… so i write
  12. Why do i write? Because it is a form of languages that has power to heal or destroy… so i write
  13. Why do i write? Words and language define our identities. Where language comes from?. It is from you brain… so i write

And Many more 33 reason why he wrote *i think it will be increase*

I love reason number 12 and 13. Yeah that’s right some times with read it can heal pain :D. And many language that u know and words that u say it shows that you are educated.

P.S : i hope i can continue to write and read because it can make me educated :D. Keep learning and enjoy the game


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